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New phenolic cotton tube manufacturing equipment

by:ZTELEC     Time: 2019-11-22

On October 12, 2015, ztelec submitted a patent application for a new glass fiber tube manufacturing equipment to the China Intellectual Property Office, and passed the patent certification in 2016.
In response to the world’s energy-saving and emission reduction initiatives, ztelec began to inspect and improve the high-energy products in the plant. The most serious waste of energy is the glass fiber tube winding equipment, and the phenolic cotton tube produced by the old equipment has high rejection rate and poor precision.
The general manager, the engineer, and the workshop technicians did the three things together, and put forward their own viewpoints. They combined the theory with the actual ones, carefully analyzed each step of the manufacture of  bakelite phenolic cotton tubes, and finally put forward suggestions for improving the equipment. The famous engineers were invited to improve and demonstrate the theory of the new equipment, and finally got a high-quality, high-efficiency equipment.

New phenolic cotton tube manufacturing equipment

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