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phenolic cotton rod

Phenolic cotton cloth rod

Color: reddish brown, black
Diameter: 1-200mm
Length: support customize
Bending strength: 100Mpa
Density: 1.2-1.3g/m³

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Product introduction

The phenolic cotton laminated rod is a cotton cloth impregnated with a phenolic resin, baked into a prepreg, and then wound, and finally hot pressed in a molding mold to form a rod with high mechanical properties and processability with a circular cross section. The heat resistance grade is E grade.
Phenolic cotton cloth rod

Bakelite cotton rod produce video:

Line Phenolic Rod Parameters:

chinese name phenolic rod
color Brown
density g/m³ 1.2-1.3
Vertical layer bending strength (normal) MPa ≥125
Axial compressive strength MPa ≥90
Parallel layer breakdown voltage (90 ° C transformer oil) Kv ≥10
Insulation resistance after immersion in water ≥5
Dielectric loss factor (50Hz) ≤0.03
Water absorption mg/cm2 ≤5
Temperature index 120

Phenolic Cotton Cloth Rod Product Usage:

Phenolic Cotton Cloth Rod has good electrical and mechanical properties under normal conditions. It is suitable for use in insulating structural parts that require certain mechanical and electrical properties in machinery, motors and electrical equipment, and can be used in oil transformer .

line phenolic laminated rod

Bakelite Rod Service:
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Phenolic Line Stick Test Certificate:
phenolic cloth rod

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