Summary: Bakelite, also known as phenolic laminate board, is made from high-purity phenolic resin and wood boards bonded with resin adhesive.

Dimensions: 1030*2030mm
Standard Thickness: 3-50mm
Colors: Orange, Black, Yellow

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Product introduction

Bakelite, also known as Bakelite board, Bakelite sheet, Norplex board, Micarta board, phenolic board, Phenolic board, laminated board, and SRBF (Synthetic Resin Bonded Fabric), is a dense material. It is made by applying heat and pressure to layers of cellulose paper or fabric impregnated with synthetic resin (phenolic resin). During the application of heat and pressure, a polymerization reaction converts the layers into a thermosetting industrial laminate board. Phenolic laminate boards have extremely high durability, not only for electrical performance but also for heat and chemical resistance. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for emerging electrical and automotive industries.


Advantages of  Bakelite:

1.Excellent Insulation:
Bakelite sheet are made of insulating materials and have excellent electrical insulation properties, effectively preventing the flow of electric current and providing reliable electrical insulation protection.

2.Water Resistance:
Bakelite sheet are non-absorbent and can maintain their insulation performance stability even in humid environments, reducing the impact of water on insulation materials.

3.High Temperature Resistance:
Bakelite sheet  have excellent high temperature resistance and can work for a long time in high temperature environments without deformation or softening. This makes them suitable for electrical insulation applications under high temperature conditions.

4.Excellent Chemical Resistance:
Bakelite sheet  can resist a certain degree of chemical corrosion and have good corrosion resistance. They can resist the erosion of certain chemicals, maintain stable insulation performance, and prolong service life.

5.High Mechanical Strength:
Bakelite sheet good mechanical strength and can withstand certain pressure and tension, providing reliable physical protection. They can prevent insulation materials from being damaged by external forces and ensure the normal operation of equipment.

6.Good Wear Resistance:
Bakelite sheet have a certain degree of wear resistance and can resist a certain level of abrasion. This allows them to maintain good insulation performance and mechanical strength in situations where frequent movement, contact, or friction occurs.


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main feature:
Density G/Cm3 1.35-1.45
Flammability UL94 HB
Water Absorption(5mm) % ≤2
Chemical Family Resin Phenolic
Reinforcement Type Paper Kraft
Thermal Charactersitices 120(A)
Colour Orange、Black
Mechanical behavior:
Compressive Strength ⊥ MPa ≥ 150
Electrical properties:
Electrical Strength ⊥ Kv ≥10


Q1: How should bakelite be stored?
A:To avoid rain and sunlight, the storage location should be indoors with relatively low temperature and dry conditions. The darkening of the color due to long-term storage is a chemical characteristic of the product and is considered normal. Poor storage conditions can cause rapid deterioration of product quality. For example, sunlight exposure can cause discoloration, and high temperature and high humidity storage environments can lead to degradation of electrical performance and flat bending or twisting deformation. When stored for a long time, the boards should be placed horizontally on a moisture-proof and flat carrier, and moisture should be blocked with moisture-proof materials.

Q2: Is bakelite toxic?
A:Bakelite sheet are non-toxic products and do not produce toxic substances. However, as a thermosetting plastic and phenolic plastic, phenolic laminate boards may release formaldehyde during the heating process, and formaldehyde is a toxic substance.

Q3: What is the lifespan of bakelite?
A:The lifespan of bakelite sheet can vary. Generally, the lifespan is around 3 to 5 years.

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