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epoxy laminated rod

Epoxy laminated glass cloth rod

Color: yellow
Diameter: 8-200mm
Length: 1000mm
Density: 1.8g / m³
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Product introduction

Epoxy glass cloth laminated rod is a rod formed by immersing an alkali-free glass fiber cloth in an epoxy resin and then thermally drying to form a prepreg. After being wound with the prepreg, it is put into a specific abrasive tool and hot-pressed.

epoxy fiberglass rod

Epoxy laminated glass cloth rod product video:

Epoxy glass rod Product parameters:

chinese name 3840epoxy rod
color yellow
density g/m³ 1.7-1.8
Vertical layer bending strength (normal) MPa ≥220
Axial compressive strength MPa ≥175
Parallel layer breakdown voltage (90 ° C transformer oil) Kv ≥40
Insulation resistance after immersion in water ≥1000
Dielectric loss factor (50Hz) ≤0.03
Water absorption mg/cm2 ≤3
Temperature index 155

Epoxy rod Product Useg:

Epoxy laminated rods have high mechanical and dielectric properties. Suitable for use as insulation structural parts in motors and electrical equipment, and can be used in humid environments and transformer oils.

epoxy rod

Delivery of epoxy glass fiber laminated rod products:
Ztelec will store the produced epoxy glass fiber laminated rods in the warehouse according to the written markings, and then when the products need to be shipped, wrap the products with anti-collision film and put them in cartons.

Epoxy rod manufacturer certificate

Epoxy rod manufacturer certificate

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