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Acrylic fiberglass sleeving

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving

Heat resistance rating: ClassF
Length: 1000+20/-10mm
Size: Customized size
Color: White and customized

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Product introduction

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving is made of glass fiber woven into a sleeve and coated with polyurethane resin, which is processed by high temperature. Polyurethane resin coating and high temperature treatment make polyurethane fiberglass sleeves have good flexibility and elasticity, reliable mechanical properties, heat resistance, water resistance and pressure resistance.

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving parameters:

Indicator nameUnitIndex value

Exterior/Uniform coating, smooth surface, no defects affecting product performance

Insulation resistanceΩ≥1.0×109

Solder heat resistance-Pass (only for nominal inner diameter ≤ 5mm hose)

Bending after heating-No visible cracks or shedding of the coating, allowing the color to darken (test temperature: 180 ± 3 ° C)

Bending at low temperatures-No visible cracks or shedding of the coating (test temperature: ≤ -15 ~ -18 ° C)

Paint resistance to hydrolysis-There is no migration of the coating, no adhesion between the hose and the paper and the hose test piece, and no discoloration of the paper.

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving video:

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving applications:

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving were widely used in Class F motors, transformers, household appliances, generators, radios, etc.

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving main features:

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving is mainly made of high quality raw materials. The inner layer is made of glass fiber woven and coated with acrylate at high temperature. It is widely used in insulation protection of F-class motors, household appliances, electric heating equipment and special lamps. The regular color is white, other colors and packaging can be customized.

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving packing and shipping:

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving were wrapped by protective film and packed by standard import & export cartons or iron pallets.

Acrylic fiberglass sleeving certifications:

ZTELEC company was founded in 1958, as a national enterprise offering electric insulation systems and components for national motor and power companies, military and aviation enterprises. Nearly 60 years production and R&D experience, developed to now Zhongtian group mainly provides insulation materials, special materials, power transmission and transformation whole set, transformers, enameled copper wire etc high-end products. we have following certifications.

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