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Polyester insulation film

PET Polyester Film

Color: milky white
Width: 30-980mm
Withstand voltage level: 20kv
Temperature resistance level: E level B level

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Product introduction

Polyester film is made of dimethyl terephthalate and ethylene glycol chips and special polyester master batches at a certain ratio, heated with the assistance of related catalysts, and transesterified and vacuum polycondensed. film. It has the characteristics of good white coverage, uniform chromaticity, smooth and flat surface, no fading, good thermal stability, excellent heat resistance, dimensional stability and low light transmittance.

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PET polyester film Video:

Motor polyester film Parameters:

Electrical PET insulation film is mainly used for the insulation of generators, and can also be used for the insulation layer of wires and cables. Features: 1. Excellent mechanical properties. 2. Has excellent processability. 3. Good electrical insulation performance. 4. Good heat resistance.Electrical PET Film Features:

Motor polyester film

Shipment of milky white PET film:

Electrical PET Film

PET polyester film service description
1. Price description
Provide FOB price and CIF price
2.Orders with valid prices
As the price of polyester film fluctuates greatly, the price is valid for three days
3.Return policy
After the arrival of the goods, please carefully confirm the goods in good condition before signing, otherwise if there is no quality problem, do not return or exchange.
4.Tax explanation
All prices are tax-included

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