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Epoxy Resin Glass Fiber Pultrusion Material

Epoxy Resin Glass Fiber Pultrusion Material

Color: green
Density: 1.80g / cm3
Length: 10 meters
Temperature resistance: H level

Water absorption rate: 0.09%

Customized according to drawings

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Product introduction

The Epoxy Resin Glass Fiber Pultrusion Material is formed by pultrusion and solidification of high-temperature mold under the force of high temperature epoxy resin impregnated with alkali-free fiberglass yarn. The product has the characteristics of high voltage resistance, corrosion resistance, no deformation and no delamination, long service life, stable mechanical properties, and excellent insulation properties. The product’s tensile performance is particularly outstanding, and its tensile strength reaches 1360Mpa or above.

Epoxy stretched profiles

Epoxy Extraction Strip Product Video:

Epoxy extraction rod Product Parameters:

Indicator name unit
density g/cm2 1.9-2.1
Water absorption rate % ≤0.5
Barcol hardness ≥65
Tensile strength (parallel fiber direction) MPa ≥500
Tensile modulus (parallel fiber direction) MPa ≥1.0*104
Bending strength (vertical fiber direction) 23 ± 2 ℃ MPa ≥340
130 ℃ MPa ≥180
Flexural modulus (vertical fiber direction) MPa ≥0.6*104
Compressive strength Parallel fiber direction MPa ≥380
Vertical fiber direction ≥180
Shear strength MPa ≥70
Insulation resistance Ω ≥1.0*1012
Surface resistivity Ω ≥1.0*1011
Breakdown voltage in the fiber direction (in air) KV ≥50
Arc resistance s ≥300
Flammability FV0

Green epoxy drawing bar Product Use:
Green epoxy drawing bar is generally used for lightning arresters or insulator mandrels. It is also used for electrical equipment insulation structural parts, screw processing parts, high-voltage isolation switches. It can be used as a new bakelite column and insulation isolation column for intermediate frequency furnace.

Epoxy lightning rod Epoxy rod processing parts

Epoxy fiber yarn pultruded profile product display:
Epoxy fiber yarn pultruded profiles are rectangular, I-shaped, angular, T-shaped, trough-shaped, round-tube-shaped, cylindrical, and other shapes.

Epoxy Resin Glass Fiber Pultrusion Material

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