Square tube

Outer On-side: 1″
Inner On-Side: 0.75″
Wall Thickness: 0.125″
Weight per Linear Foot: 0.32 lbs / 145.15 g
Color: Red

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Product introduction

Square fiberglass tube is made by the pultrusion process. Fiberglass unidirectional roving (for maximum strength) with a veil mat, pulled via hydraulics through a bath of resin and pigment. Heated and cured. Our stock lengths are the perfect sizes to ship via standard parcel carriers like FedEx and Post. 8 foot long lengths fit under the oversize 3 shipping mark. Oversize 3 goods (anything over 96.02 inches) will all ship at freight rates which start at $120 and rise from there making our lengths of tube perfect for prototyping, hobbyist, etc…

Square tube Parameter:

No. Index name Unit Index data
1 Appearance White,light green, brown,brownish red etc.
2 Density g/cm3 1.62-1.85
3 Bending strength MPa ≥150
4 Volume resistivity MΩ.m ≥108
5 Vertical layer BDV V/mm ≥6000


1. Feature:Has high mechanical properties, dielectric properties and good machinability.
2. Application:
Used for electrical equipment for insulation structural components, and in wet conditions and transformer oil use. Products for transformers, reactors and so on.

Square tube Video:


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