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Paper Phenolic Sheet

Paper Phenolic Sheet

Phenolic paper board, also known as phenolic cotton paper laminate, is a thermosetting composite material made by bonding high-strength kraft paper with phenolic resin.

Specifications: IEC60893-2:2003
Dimensions: 1020mm*2040mm/1220mm*2440mm
Standard Thickness: 0.5-50mm
Color: Dark Brown

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Product introduction

Paper phenolic sheet, also known as phenolic cotton paper laminate, is a thermosetting composite material. It is made by impregnating layers of paper with phenolic resin and then pressing them under high temperature and pressure. This unique combination of material and manufacturing process creates a versatile and durable circuit board with excellent electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties.


1.Electrical insulation: paper phenolic sheet exhibits excellent electrical insulation properties, making it suitable for various electrical and electronic applications. It has high dielectric strength, low dielectric loss, and good arc resistance.

2.Mechanical strength: The impregnated phenolic resin in the paper layers enhances the mechanical strength of the board. It has good tensile strength, bending strength, and impact resistance, allowing it to withstand mechanical stress and vibrations.

3.Heat resistance: paper phenolic sheet has excellent heat resistance and maintains its performance even at high temperatures. It has high thermal conductivity, which aids in effective heat dissipation, making it suitable for applications where thermal management is crucial.

4.Flame retardancy: paper phenolic sheet exhibits excellent flame retardant properties. It is self-extinguishing and does not support combustion, making it a safe choice for fire-resistant applications.

5.Processability: paper phenolic sheet is easy to process and cut, allowing it to meet various shapes and sizes requirements.

6.Stability: paper phenolic sheet has low moisture absorption, enabling it to maintain stable performance in humid environments.


Motor Oil-type transformer Low Voltage Insulation
Welding Jigs Precision Machined Parts Jigs and Fixtures
Terminal Boards and Tag Strips Pipeline Insulation Coil Formers


General Properties:
Property Unit of measure Typical Value
Density g/cm3 1.3-1.4
Water Absorption mg 165-1380
Electrical Properties:
Property Unit of measure Typical Value
Electrical Strength ⊥(90℃ oil) kV/mm ≥8-19
Breakdown Voltage  ∥(90℃ oil) kV ≥35
Insulation Resistance ∥ M·Ω ≥1.0*104
Power Frequency Medium Loss Factor ≤0.05
Electrical Resistance Index ≥100
Mechanical Properties:
Property Unit of measure Typical Value
Bending Strength MPa ≥120
Shear Strength ∥ MPa ≥10
Adhesive Strength N ≥3200
Thermal Properties:
Property Unit of measure Typical Value
Thermal Characteristics 120
Disclaimer: The above values are based upon routine test data and do not form the basis of a supply contract. These products may be used in a diverse range of applications and whilst every effort is made to ensure the information in this data sheet is accurate, it must be stressed that it is the user’s responsibility to ensure suitability for the intended end use.




Q1: What is paper phenolic sheet?

A: paper phenolic sheet is a composite material made of phenolic resin and cellulose paper, which has excellent physical properties and wear resistance.


Q2: What are the main uses of paper phenolic sheet?

A: paper phenolic sheet is mainly used for manufacturing electrical insulation materials, mechanical structural parts, molds, electrical enclosures, etc., and is widely applied in the fields of electronics, electrical engineering, automotive, aerospace, etc.


Q3: What are the advantages of paper phenolic sheet?

A: Phenolic paper board has advantages such as high strength, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good insulation performance, high temperature resistance, as well as good processing properties and stability.


Q4: What are the limitations of paper phenolic sheet?

A: The limitations of paper phenolic sheet mainly include its relative brittleness, which makes it susceptible to mechanical impacts and vibrations. Additionally, it can expand and deform under high temperature and humid conditions.


Q5: How to properly use and maintain paper phenolic sheet?

A: When using paper phenolic sheet, it is important to avoid severe impacts and vibrations, and try to prevent prolonged exposure to high temperature and humid environments. Regular cleaning and maintenance of phenolic paper board can prolong its service life.

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