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Double maleimide laminated tube

Heat resistance rating: Class H
Wall thickness: ≥1.8mm
Size: d≤Ф50 Ф50-100 d≥Ф100 can be customized
Density: 1.7-1.8g/ m³
Color: Yellow , dark brown, white

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Product introduction

EPGC21 / 22, 355, 356, SIGC21, BMIGC21(double maleimide laminated tube) have good dielectric properties and machinability. For electrical equipment for insulation structural components. Can be made into dry-type transformers coil, insulation tube, transformer insulation end ring and so on.

Double maleimide laminated tube parameter:



Chinese name3640/36413553563652364



Base materialFiberglass cloth

ResinEpoxyDipheny etherPolyetherimideorgansiliconepolyamide-imide

ColorYellowDark brownwhitewhitedarkbrown



2Vertical layer bending strength


3Axial compressive strengthMPa260,270270270270

4Parallel layer breakdown voltage

(90℃transformer oil)KV235225225225225

5Vertical layer electrical strength

(90 transformer oil)KV/mm26-14

6Dielectric loss factor(50Hz)s0.03s0.03s0.03s0.03s0.03

7Water absorption%s1S1s1s1s1

8Temperature index130/155180180180180

Double maleimide laminated tube applications:

Double maleimide laminated tube has excellent heat resistance, electrical insulation, wave permeability, radiation resistance, flame retardancy, good mechanical properties and dimensional stability. The molding process is similar to epoxy resin which are widely used in aviation, aerospace, machinery, electronics and other industrial fields, resin matrix of advanced composite materials, high temperature insulation materials and adhesives, etc.

Double maleimide laminated tube package and storage:

Double maleimide laminated tube use packaging film wrapped and packed in carton. Double maleimide laminated tube need horizontal placement, storage at room temperature in dry and clean room and keep it from damp, storage period is 12 months.


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After-sales service: When the transformer is damaged during the warranty period, we will provide the return service after confirmation by the third party.

Double maleimide laminated tube main features:

Double maleimide laminated tube has excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, radiation resistance, moisture resistance and water absorption. Therefore, it has been rapidly developed and widely used.

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