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Bakelite phenolic parts

Bakelite phenolic parts

Color: brown, orange, black
Material: Phenolic cotton cloth rod, phenolic cotton cloth board, phenolic paperboard, electrical paperboard
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Product introduction

Bakelite phenolic board parts have the advantages of insulation performance, antistatic, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, low water absorption and other advantages. They are used for insulation switches and mechanical tools of electronic products, production line tools, and can be used in transformer oil.
bakelite phenolic bolt

Bakelite CNC Machining Video:

Bakelite rod bolts and nuts patrs product show:
Bakelite rods has high mechanical strength and toughness, and can replace iron materials to make phenolic nuts, bakelite bolts, and Bakelite processed parts.
Bakelite CNC Machinery

bakelite phenolic boltsbakelite nuts


Bakelite board  patrs product show:
Bakelite paperboard is a laminate formed by immersing insulating impregnated paper in phenolic resin and hot pressing.
Bakelite cotton cloth board is an insulation board formed by immersing linen cloth in phenolic book and hot pressing.
Bakelite board has good mechanical strength and is suitable for PCB industry drilling pads, power distribution boxes, fixture boards, mold plywood, high and low voltage distribution boxes, packaging machines, combs, etc. Suitable for motors, mechanical molds, PCBs, ICT fixtures. Forming machine, drilling machine, table polishing pad.
 Bakelite abrasive pads

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