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Insulation Varnished Cloth

Insulation Varnished Cloth

Model: 2210
Thickness: 0.08–0.10 (mm)
Color: Golden Temperature resistance: 130 (°C)

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Product introduction

Insulation Varnished Cloth is a yellow wax oily lacquered silk fabric which is uniformly immersed in oily insulating varnish by electrician silk (insulating spinning) and dried and cut. It has good softness and certain electrical and mechanical properties. With certain electrical and mechanical properties, it can be applied for a long time at 130 °C.

Oil Varnished Silk Product parameters:

1.Length: 100m

2.Width: 1000mm

3.Thickness: 0.1mm

4.Elasticity (when the calibration elongation is 6%): 1~15N

5.Tensile force: Radial 7~24N/10mm latitudinal 5~22N/10mm

6.Volume resistivity: ≥1%

7.Effect of oil on lacquer (105°C/18): non-stick layer, no paint stripping

8.Breakdown voltage (0.04~0.14mm): 1.0~9.8 KV

Insulation Varnished Cloth Application:

Suitable for thin-layer wrapping insulation or gasket insulation that requires high dielectric properties in motors and electrical appliances.

Transportation and storage condition:

The storage life is half a year at temp lower than 25degree since delivery. The oil varnish cloth may be used if it is tested qualified according to the standard. Product shall be stored in a dry and clean warehouse with good ventilation and away room fire and away from fire and sunshine.


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