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Epoxy Sheet G10 Fiberglass Sheet

Color: Green/Water Green/White/Yellow/Black
Thickness: 0.1-100mm
Size:1020*1220 /1020*1020 /1220*2440 /1220*2040 (support customize)
Heat resistance rating: Class F (150 ° C)

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Product introduction

G-10, a high-pressure laminated fiberglass board, falls within the realm of composite materials. It is created through the layering of multiple sheets of fiberglass cloth, saturating them with epoxy resin, and subjecting the resulting material to compression and heat to facilitate resin solidification.

G10 Fiberglass Sheet Trait:

1. Excellent low water absorption rate, water absorption rate is almost 0; after water immersion for 24 hours, the water absorption rate is only: 0.09%.

2. Excellent heat resistance and flame retardancy, heat resistance grade up to 160-180 ° C; flame retardancy: UL94V-0 grade,

3. Excellent mechanical processing properties. Can be stamped, cut and processed according to customer requirements

G10 Fiberglass Sheet


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