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3240 Epoxy Board FR4 G10 G11 Epoxy Fiberglass Sheet

Color: Green/Water Green/White/Yellow/Black
Thickness: 0.1-100mm
Size:1020*1220 /1020*1020 /1220*2440 /1220*2040 (support customize)
Heat resistance rating: Class F (150 ° C)

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Product introduction

Epoxy Resin Fiberglass Sheet Trait:

1. Excellent low water absorption rate, water absorption rate is almost 0; after water immersion for 24 hours, the water absorption rate is only: 0.09%.

2. Excellent heat resistance and flame retardancy, heat resistance grade up to 160-180 ° C; flame retardancy: UL94V-0 grade,

3. Excellent mechanical processing properties. Can be stamped, cut and processed according to customer requirements.


3240 Epoxy Resin Fiberglass Sheet Video:

Epoxy Resin Fiberglass Sheet Parameter:

Epoxy Resin Fiberglass Sheet Certification:

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