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Bakelite Phenolic Cotton Sheet

Electric Insulation Bakelite Phenolic Cotton Sheet

Color: Black/Brown
Thickness: 0.5-80mm
Size:1000mm*2000mm(Support customize)
Heat resistance rating: Class E

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Product introduction

Phenolic cotton cloth laminate rod, cotton cloth impregnated with phenolic resin, and laminating them under heat and pressure in round-shap mould. Also know as thermoset. Offer high electrical and mechanical performance, including good electrical insulating properties, high moisture resistance, good dimentional stability, much better machinability than other phenolics.

Bakelite Phenolic Cotton Sheet Trait:

1) High electrical and mechanical performance.

2) Easy for fabricaion, good dimentional stability, physical strength, resiliency.

3) Better machinability than other product.

Phenolic Bakelite Cotton Board Video:

Phenolic Bakelite Cotton Board Parameter:


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