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Black FR4 Anti-static Fiberglass Sheet

Black FR4 Anti-static Fiberglass Sheet

Heat resistance rating: Class F(180℃)
Thickness: 3-25mm
Size: 1020×1220 / 1160×1260 / 1220×2440
Color: Black or green, water green,white

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Product introduction

Black FR4 anti-static fiberglass sheet is a specialized fiberglass material that incorporates anti-static agents during the production of FR4 sheets, enhancing their anti-static properties. The base material of this sheet consists of epoxy resin and glass fiber cloth.

Application of Anti-static fiberglass sheet:

The Anti-static fiberglass sheet precision is suitable for test board, electrical equipment insulation partition, insulation pad, transformer insulation board, electrical insulation parts, computer drilling pad mold fixture (PCB test stand).

Product features of Anti-static fiberglass sheet:

1. Looks beautiful, smooth and no pit on surface

2. Good heat and moisture resistance, good electrical performance with dry and wet condition. Low water absorption is not easy to deformation.

3. High mechanical properties and good machinability.

Video of Anti-static fiberglass sheet:

Here is the video of the workshop of the Anti-static fiberglass sheet, you can see that the process progress of the Anti-static fiberglass sheet, include our workers and the machine for the production.


Parameter of Anti-static fiberglass sheet:

Item Unit Value
Water absorption % <0.25
Flexural strength MPa >350
Surface resistivity (C-96/20/65) >105
Volume resistivity(C-96/20/65) MΩ·m >104
Dielectric lose factor (1MHz) <0.03
Heat resistance 220°C 20mm No bubble
Flammability UL94 (1.6mm) Class V-0
Solvent resistance No change
Density g/cm3 1.85-1.95
Charpy impact strength kJ/m2 >45
Size mm 1020×1220 / 1160×1260 / 1220×2440
Note: Colors white, yellow, black, light green are available.


Package & Storage of Anti-static fiberglass sheet:

Package & Storage: Wrapped with packaging film and packed in pallet; horizontally placed in dry and clean room at room temperature; keep it away from moisture and fire. The storage period is 12 months.

Anti-static fiberglass sheet

Certificate of Anti-static fiberglass sheet:

Here is the certificate of our insulation materials and factory, which can ensure the quality of the products which supply to our customers. In 2011, we obtained the certificates of ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System, and ISO14001 organization environmental management system. Products including Power Distribution Cabinet, HV Switchgear, Transformer Substation, Complete Switchgear and power transformers (below 35kV) passed the tests from CNAS, IAC-MRA, AL, CMA and others international testing organizations.

Anti-static fiberglass sheet

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