Fiberglass mesh

Fiberglass mesh is made of electrician no-alikal fiberglass yarn compiled into various specifications of the mesh cloth, after heat drying dehydration, then dipped in the unique mixture of epoxy resin, the temperature drops of glue, hot drying curing Whatsapp:+8613137718313

Product introduction

Fiberglass mesh product presentation:
Fiberglass mesh is braided by high strength non-alkali fiberglass impregnating with the epoxy resin. After high temperature curing process treatment, it solidifies as a hard unit as a perfect positive reinforcement and insulation material to avoid ruptures of the insulation layer because of the cold effect and core short-circuit.



Fiberglass mesh Product video:

Fiberglass mesh Product parameters:

Color Red
Product name epoxy fiber glass mesh cloth
Feature anti cracking performance
Thickness 0.1-100mm
Certification ISO
Sample Sample Avaliable
Name mesh cloth
Size Customized Size
Standard IEC626-2

Fiberglass mesh Product use:

Fiberglass mesh widely used in dry-type transformer and reactor as the supportive material of epoxy resin filler to avoid the layer separation and enhance the structure. The mesh exhibits excellent electrical properties, good thermal resistance as well as high mechanical properties at elevated operating temperature.


Fiberglass mesh Product features

1. Excellent mechanical strength

2. Good electrical insulation properties


Fiberglass mesh Product display:

Fiberglass mesh packing:

Fiberglass mesh storage:

Please put the product in the dry and ventilated place.

Don’t open up the package if you don’t use it in time for avoiding soiled the product so as to ensure the insulation.


Fiberglass mesh certificate:

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