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  • Polyimide Tape

    Polyimide Tape

    Polyimide Tape Discription: H class Polyimide film is a common polyimide film condensed with 4- formic acid-2- anhydride of benzene, and 4.4-diamino……

  • Electrician White Cotton Cloth Belt

    Electrician White Cotton Cloth Belt

    Electrician White Cotton Cloth Belt Discription: 1.Made In China Class H transformer insulation electrical White cotton tape 2.Transformer cotton ta……

  • Electrician Polyester Shrink Tape

    Electrician Polyester Shrink Tape

    Electrician Polyester Shrink Tape Description: 1. This product is woven by modified polyester fiber. 2. The heat resistance is F Class (155 ° C). 3.……

  • Alkali-free Glass Fiber Band

    Alkali-free Glass Fiber Band

    Alkali-free Glass Fiber Band Discription: It is a kind of banded-shaped insulation product woven by alkali-free glass fiber. It is flame retardant, ……

  • PVC Insulation Tape

    PVC Insulation Tape

    PVC Insulation Tape Discription: Electrical tape is made of polyvinyl chloride(PVC) film as the base material, coated with rubber pressure-sensitive……