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Relationship between DMD insulating paper and motor

by:ZTELEC     Time: 2021-03-5

The normal use of motor is inseparable with DMD insulating paper, which plays a vital role in the motor. The quality of insulating materials like motor winding paper will also have a certain impact on the motor, and even have a great interference on the service life of the motor. Since the position of insulating material is so important, what is the relationship between it and the motor? Let me take a look at them.

Insulation material is a kind of product that prevents electric current from passing through, its resistivity is larger, the volume resistivity are generally higher than 109 Ω. A motor is an electromagnetic mechanical device that can convert energy. Type of motor: transformer, DC motor, AC motor, control motor, pulse current motor.

DMD insulating paper function: the electrified part and the non-electrified part or the part with different potential are separated, so that the current can flow in a certain path.

The basic structure of the motor: the stationary part (stator) : generates a magnetic field to form a magnetic circuit, and has mechanical support; Clearance (air gap) : an important part of the magnetic circuit, used to ensure the safe operation of the motor; Rotating part (rotor) : induction potential, produce electromagnetic rotation torque, to achieve energy conversion.

Structure of stator: base, main magnetic pole, commutator pole, end cover, brush device.

Rotor structure: shaft, armature core, armature winding, commutator.

Armature winding: it is connected and combined by corresponding number of coils, is a DC motor circuit part, but also induction electromotive force and generate electromagnetic torque for electromechanical energy conversion part.

The above is a brief introduction about the relationship between DMD insulating paper and motor. I hope it can be helpful to you. Our company is a professional transformer insulation paper manufacturer, specifications and models are complete, you can consult us if you need.

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