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The Dubai exhibition has benefited us a lot

by:ZTELEC     Time: 2023-03-31

The exhibition is a good platform for manufacturers from various places to get to know each other. This year’s Dubai exhibition has benefited the company a lot.

First of all, we brought the company’s products to let foreign customers know about Zhongtian Group’s excellent products, such as our old-fashioned product-insulating materials, including common epoxy glass fiber laminates, phenolic boards, insulating paper, insulating composite products, etc. ; We also have related products power transformers, our transformer products can achieve high voltage 38kv, low voltage 0.4kv, capacity can achieve 2MVA.

We also showed our latest products – solar products, including solar panels and photovoltaic transformers.

Secondly, we met many people who are closely related to the industry at the exhibition. After exchanging professional knowledge, we gave the latest samples.

Finally, we visited our customers in Dubai and visited their factories and products.

After this exhibition, we learned about the development of the market and customer needs, which facilitated the formulation of our follow-up goals and pointed out the direction for the development of our company.

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