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PVC fiber glass sleeving

Flame retardant: VW-1
Temperature resistance: -60 ° C ~ 200 ° C
Withstand voltage: 1200V~7000V
Material: silicone
Cold bending: no cracks
Hydrolytic stability: no sticking, no deformation, no softening
Wall thickness: 0.25~1.28MM
Inner diameter: 1.0~35.0MM
Performance indicators: -10 ° C ~ +200 ° C Whatsapp:+8613137718313

Product introduction

PVC fiber glass sleeving Product introduction:

PVC fiber glass sleeving is made of non-alkali glass fiber yarn and braided into a tube, and then coated with silicone resin at high temperature. With good dielectric properties, self-extinguishing and softness, it is widely used in insulation protection of H&N grade motors, household appliances, electric heating equipment, special lamps, TV and electronic instrument internal clusters.

PVC fiber glass sleeving Product video:

PVC fiber glass sleeving Product parameters:

Item Unit                                                            Normal value



inner dia.& wall thickness(mm)






inner dia(mm) wall thickness(mm)
standard tolerance min max
0.5;0.8 ±0.10 0.20 0.50
1.0;1.5;2.0;2.5;3.0 ±0.15 0.20 0.75
3.5;4.0;5.0;6.0;7.0;8.0 ±0.25 0.30 0.75
9;10;12;14;16;18;20 ±0.50 0.40 0.90
bending after heating  



no cracking or detachment of coating visible after bending around mandrels after 96h at 150℃
bending at low temperature no cracking or detachment of coating visible after bending around mandrels while at -25℃






average lowest
room temp. 4.0 2.5
elevated temp. 1.2 0.8
damp heat 1.2 0.8
insulation resistance  

quality warranty period  

6 months

temperature index  



PVC fiber glass sleeving use:

PVC fiber glass sleeving is used in wiring insulation and mechanical protection of motors, electrical appliances, instruments, radios, etc.

PVC fiber glass sleeving

PVC fiber glass sleeving product features :

1.PVC fiber glass sleeving is class A (105 degree) insulating material.

2.there are different about the pvc fiberglass sleeve,blue,orange,green,etc

3.PVC fiber glass sleeving has good qualities of dielectric, chemical resistance, excellent softness and elasticity.

4.PVC fiber glass sleeving is suitable for wiring insulation and machine protection in machine portrction in electrical machines, electric appliances, instruments, radios and other electric devices.

PVC fiber glass sleeving Product display:

PVC fiber glass sleeving Packing, transportation:

We use multi-layer composite (film, packing paper, foam) package, which can effectively reduce the probability of damage caused in the course of transportation.

PVC fiber glass sleeving certificate:

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