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Xujue electrical company established on December,21st in 2012 which is the predecessor of state-owned Xuchang insulation material factory and merger state-owned Xuchang insulation research instiution. Xujue electrical is the key enterprise of national defense science and technology commission and insulation material industry. It is the one of six major insulation materials production base which is a major industry of electrical insulation R&D with production and sales. It is a secondary energy measurement management company.

The company locate in the intersection of Taoyuan Road and Lvhuai Road Jian’an destrict, Xuchang city. It cover 80,000 square meters. There are five manufacturing shops, two job shops, one research institution, one technology R&D center and one modern classified warehouse to achieve automatic production, fine process and customization R&D

There are 360 people in Xujue electrical company and engineering techicians is up to 28% . The advanced expert is 8 people. The company signed the cooperation plan with Zhengzhou university what set up postdoctoral research station and train high and new technology talents. It has 36 national invention patents and its products reach more than 160 varieties in 7 category. The national high-tech products is up to 38. The company produce super high pressure and high temperature resistant special insulation materials use widely in military industry, electric power ,electronics, petroleum, mining, chemical industry, machinery and aerospace fields to offer dock supporting new materials for Shenzhou series spaceship and Tiangong NO1 and 2. These products export to all over the wo

Xujue electrical company adopt standard pipeline business model and establish personalized products system. To accelerate the development of enterprise, the company merge in to ZT ELEC GRUPS. The action make the company globalization to form into modern enterprise development model. The company survive with product quality and promote development with technological innovation.

Xujue electrical company with super production technology and innovative working spirit provide high quality products and excellent service for our customers all over the world.


  • 61


    61 years of manufacturing experience

  • 36


    Has 36 national invention patents

  • 360


    The company has 360 employees

  • 80,000


    Covers an area of 80,000 square meters